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Dominic Lippillo

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

In this series I create constructed photographs set in non-specific American landscapes where melancholy is balanced by curiosity. I begin the process by photographing unoccupied suburban and rural areas to serve as backdrops that are enhanced via Photoshop. I then search through my collection of anonymous vernacular images to find pensive human figures to composite into the scenes to appear as rückenfigurs contemplating the landscape or as visual devices to direct the viewer’s gaze in or out of the frame. I approach finding the locations to photograph, and choose the figures to appropriate, with an eye for ambiguity and mystery that allows my mind to wander outside of the confines of my eye’s visual field. In these re-contextualized photographic realities the anonymous figures and unspecified locations share a symbiotic relationship, which allows for new meanings and re-telling’s of the stories to be created by the viewer.

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