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Destry Sparks
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

In the spring of 2005 while taking a walk down a countryside dirt road, I noticed a stick on the ground. It had graceful lines with matching texture that startled me. Immediately I realized this mere stick long ignored and deemed worthless was more beautiful and perfect than anything my imagination had produced in years of loud colorful paintings. Since then I’ve been working with materials relatively uncommon in painting history. Some of the things I’ve used are dried leaves, sticks, rusted bottle caps, parched white bones and nuts. I prefer to work with materials that have taken a beating from exposure to the elements. The objects I choose have seen better days but retain an innate beauty, grace and purpose that can’t be fully eroded away. There really is no junk in the world. Everything and every one of us has a place, value and purpose.

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