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Derrick Beasley
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

As Southern Black folks, much of what we are taught about ourselves concerns our legacy through slavery, oppression and/ or recovering and navigating their legacies. Room to Yield is a soundproof, isolation chamber that confronts the now, how Southern Black folks view themselves and how they view their role in shaping the future they hope to participate in.

The room is a multi-sensory experience that elicits a physiological and audible response from the user. When the user leaves they are screaming their vision for a liberated future. Each person enters the dark room alone, leaving their cell phone outside, left only with their thoughts. With each flash of light and hit of the bass, users confront ideas of love, society and what their role in building a future.

This room is the proof-of-concept a series of site-specific immersive experiences that dig deeper into the realities in their Southern locals.

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