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Derek Larson

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My work combines animation software and video with paint, fluorescent lights, monitors, cast plaster, paper and projection. I assemble these in shallow relief by blending motion graphics software with paint and screen imagery, using handmade processes with digital tools as an extension in my painting. Recent themes in my work include autoimmune diseases, processed foods and biologic class drugs. I use a variety of tools including a CNC machine, 3D printer, electronics/motors, 2D/3D software and silkscreen printing. I'm interested in making original objects with infinitely reproducible media, challenging the idea of a 'digital aura', addressing the difficulties in deleting certain files on your hard drive or the inability to throw out nostalgic objects. Files are code, visual signifiers of ideas and usually without tangible connections in our lives. So I guess that’s what my work is about; when you’re in front of one it’s there but it’s also not. It’s material and immaterial.

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