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Derek Larson

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I work in many mediums creating one-off video sculptures and incorporating handmade processes in digital formats. My recent work explores auto-immune diseases, processed foods and biologic class drugs. I use a wide variety of media including 3D printers, motors, projectors, 2D & 3D animation, screen printing and shaped, metal screens for projection. I think about installation and video in terms of material aura and presence. If paintings and sculptures have presence then how can I approach presence in the infinitely reproducible media of video and other digital media? Is it as hard to delete files from your hard drive as it is to let go of nostalgic objects? Ephemeral media exists almost exclusively as signifiers to events without any physical connection. What was once the accumulation of things like flyers, posters, vinyl, cassettes, and ticket stubs can now be collected digitally. Through virtual experience will our connections become something else?

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