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Denise Seay
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

When my art works, a realistic photograph is translated into a beautiful abstraction through the medium of fiber. The piece should, of course, be beautiful, but I have really accomplished the goal, when the viewer looks longer to question the subject matter.

Good abstraction, for me, starts with boundaries and line. The camera has always been important in providing the boundary and makes composition easier.

The creek abstractions, I only discovered recently, are heavily influenced by a course I took over 30 years ago with Mary Edna Fraser at the Gibbes Museum. While the pieces are very different from Mary's, our love of aerial views of South Carolina's winding lowcountry creeks and rivers is clear. These views are never-ending inspiration.

My love of textiles began in sewing doll clothes from my mother's dress scraps. My family's heritage is in the upstate cotton mills, and I grew up knowing South Carolina as the Textile State. I hope someday SC can again own that title.

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