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Delaney Martin

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My work engages the historical and cultural specificity of people and places to create spectacular, immersive environments marked by frequent collaborations and performance. My earlier sculptural and labyrinthine installation work (2000 – 2008) was made in collaboration with a single art partner.
In 2008 this work shifted when I co-founded the arts collective New Orleans Airlift out of a desire to give back and go back to New Orleans post-Katrina. This role has transformed my work, leading to ever more ambitious, highly collaborative and multidisciplinary projects. This rewarding experience has given my practice a deep commitment to the power of collaboration between artists and communities.
While I continue make individual works for many of the projects I conceive, this authorship is increasingly less important to me than the role of director of a larger whole – a whole that could not be made without the hands, minds, and spirit of my collaborators and our community.

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