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Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Seek Me Not is a ongoing body of work born from my love of film-theory. This series of photographs references the McGuffin plot device used in films. The McGuffin moves the narrative forward without revealing itself. Photography as a medium uses light as material. In this series of photographs, I have used lighting not only as a creative device, but also used light itself as a subject in the narrative.

I explore photography’s ability to be fact-recording and fiction-making through these images. By layering multiple digital photographs, I investigate the tension between the real and unreal. For centuries, scientists have struggled to understand the true nature of light. The intangibility of light serves as a metaphor for the unending human endeavor to seek out metaphysical answers about our existence, truth, and reality. The characters in this series allude to the same search. This search ultimately becomes a personal quest through this body of work.

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