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Deborah Sosower

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Through an exploration of unconventional approaches to self-portraiture, I have arrived at an investigation of the abstraction of my body & the fragmentation of identity as a form of self- escape rather than self representation. I use different printmaking & art-making processes to depict both the veiling & abstraction of my body or ironic, violent narrations that use dark humor to make light of my fears. I use my body & the impressions it makes as a “readymade” in my relief prints. My figurative work explores the development of a visual vocabulary that codifies my various pathos. These themes speak to my compulsion to escape from physical discomforts & psychological discord. The tracking of time in my work reflects my anxieties surrounding mortality & my desire to exert a measure of control over my fragile physiology. Sculptures, performances & film allow an ancillary entry into my personal mythology that echo & contextualize the impact of my prints.

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