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David Terry
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

It’s been a long while since I decided to simply acknowledge that folks regularly slap the label “Southern Artist” on me/my work. I find that odd, since half of my landscapes and portraits are French, so to speak. Still, folks see what they see in anyone’s work, and I’m content with that. I’ll admit that I still bristle a bit at the label “Southern Gothic”, but I let that pass....the final fact being that the phrase has never appeared in anything but a positive review and has never been said except as a compliment (I assume).

In the end?....for the most part, I paint/draw the Southern family, friends, places, and dogs that I know and see on a regular basis. I remain completely surprised, after all these years, that the work sells widely to far-flung folks who say or write that the picture reminded them of something in their own lives.

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