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David Smith

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

It is within the confined tradition of bust portraiture that I find the freedom to convey something wholly new in painting. There I progressively develop a more and more refined sensitivity to form, volume, color, and texture.
Each new work receives a different approach. Generally it starts with a stroke of fancy or folly -a drip, an errant brush stroke, an existing stain, a pattern in the wood grain and from there I proceed to develop an intuitive concept that unfolds apart from the predispositions of my hand.
It is in the spontaneity of the mark that my portraits take on a life all their own, allowing the viewer to perceive a complex soul beneath the artifice of paint. Giving my paintings the room to "be" results in a style that has no definite style. My style is to nurture, not control. My style, like that of a visionary, is to "see," not impose.

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