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David French
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

I am most interested in staging a celebratory and investigative relationship between the essential parts of Painting and me the artist. The essential painters’ toolbox consists of the flat surface, red, yellow, blue and white. I think of my interaction with these basic materials as a collaborator. I equate my physical action to those tool box components, everything contributes proportionally. The paint provides optical structure; I provide agency. The pallet is skipped in an effort to work more directly with the essential materials. Working in a manner where I do not represent something, I touch on the very essences of Painting.
I have developed a process of applying paint that acts as a signifier of identity. I have worked to create a bridge between gestural abstraction and process painting. Relational and non-relational painting experimentation has enabled me to nuance a language between mechanical automation and personal expression.

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