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David Diodate

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Every summer for two weeks from the age of 6 to 16 my mom would haul us off to the interior country of rural Georgia. I started thinking about this "adventure" a few years ago. At the time I hated it, especially as a teenager. However, once I started to wax nostalgic about it, two weeks off the grid wandering though corn fields, pecan orchards, and secluded ponds sounded great. I thought if I could write a screenplay it would be about a photographer who goes back in time, only to photograph one brief moment. They couldn't change the past, just document events that are now only memory to the time traveler. While returning to the present a distortion of the images would take place - from hurdling through time. A faux narrative would be created, involving reassembling this new past.

My series Cyclops is this fictional, "one eyed" camera's distortion of present events as a metaphor of past memories. I am continuing my photographic exploration of southern moments, places and things.

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