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David Chatt
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

I am fifty three years old, 6’ 5” tall and Caucasian. I have spent all of my adult life sewing tiny glass beads, one to the next. Unexpected work by unexpected hands.
I engage images that say something true and that move me, the maker, forward in some way. My work tells of the odd world I inhabit, a place more interesting than comfortable. My best work is equal parts personal and universal, craftsmanship and concept. Recently, I have used only white beads. I am fascinated by the potential this offers. An object covered in a matrix of fine needle-work and colorless glass is now less that object, and more the place where that object once was. Like a memory held in time and space. Each bead and the thread that binds it is a mark and a reflection of a moment. The accumulation of these marks becomes a meditation.

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