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Daud Akhriev

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Though my training is rooted firmly in the academic traditions of the past, I do not want to be an imitation of it. I want to exploit the training I’ve been given in service to new ideas and subjects. I want to connect with my time, to create something contemporary yet respectful of the best of our predecessors.
My recent work considers how people can retain their integrity while the world slips in to chaos. As our resources diminish, anxieties in society increase, causing the appearance of frictions and new social phobias dividing people. An individual must create a calm within.
Simultaneously, I have been creating a series of public mosaics, which are designed to add meaning and beauty to shared spaces. My training permits a great deal of freedom of expression, and this media has been a joy. The contrast between naturalistic and decorative vocabulary has been artistically nourishing.
I was born and trained in Russia, but have lived in the USA since 1991. I am a US citizen.

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