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Daniel Cassity

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My Still Lifes represent the fall of controlled light upon a variety of textures. To produce them I arrange items in a manner that is meant to stimulate the viewer beyond the painted surface: often intended to evoke humor, usually intended to imply an event or story. My contemporary paintings are conceptual - idea driven - while still drawing from the genre's rich history of observation. Viewers are thus invited into my fictional world - an imaginary "Kingdom" - wherein ordinary and not so ordinary objects comprise characters: a mainstay of which are origami dragons. "Keys to the Kingdom" for example, depicts two dragons confronting one another in an undefined power-struggle as onlookers await the outcome. Along with my origami dragon scenarios, another visual trademark is my inclusion of colored glass to produce luminous shadows: shadows are a major concern to composing my still lifes.

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