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Dana Donaty

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Memories of being raised in a waste not environment set the means to each new creation, beginning each piece simultaneously as the previous is completed. Using virgin canvas as a cleaning surface for brushes and palettes. Analyzing Rorschach like blots, figurative characters form, emerging from an unconscious painting. Process-based figuration is used to compose, while human figures are dictated by remaining negative space. This mash up of classical portraiture and process based exploration is derived through a right and left brain conversation. The left is rooted in "classic" while the right needs to explore. A surreal twist of fate exists as human and fictitious beings operate together in a colorful dialogue. Creating through pareidolia what may have never been noticed. Moments found in everyday life transposed upon the canvas, elevating them from existing as just a face in the clouds to being in colloquy with the history of painting.

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