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Dana Donaty

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My interest is in satirical playfulness, fragments of timeless memory where nothing is sacred. Thinking about the process of how things come into being, how this art is formed, conceived & recognized.
I place virgin canvas underneath the “in-process” painting . Intentionally, I am ‘collecting’ the excess paint that is flung, scraped, spilled & off loaded. Like the canvas before it, the floor work is then raised to eye level.   From the Rorschach-like blots of primordial color, a fresh composition & a new group of figurative characters emerge.  
 In response to the chance convergence of memories, thoughts, sounds & other stimuli, I attempt to control the uncontrollable through a narrative, layered with numerous subplots, that is personal & universal. My work is my poetic theater of uncertainty, popular culture, universal truths, personal experiences & modern condition.   The viewer can partake in a stable set of meanings or challenge the imagery with their own sense of wonder.


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