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Dana Donaty

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My work is audacious, satirically playful with fragments of fluid memory where nothing is sacred. Psychologically slanted: a cast of the burlesque & grotesque, vitality of individual freedom & responses to things happening in the world.

Process is integral. Virgin canvases placed underneath ‘in -process’ easel works intentionally ‘collecting’ excess paint that is flung, scraped & off loaded. From these Rorschach-like blots, a framework & figures emerge. 

Conceptually, it is a panoply of memories sourced from many levels of consciousness. I often assimilate phrases from things people say or from books on audio whilst working. My process mirrors how we learn, we cannot control how information finds us or how we process it. I regard chance as an organi

In response to this chance convergence, I attempt to control the uncontrollable through a layered narrative that is personal, implied & universal. A poetic theater of uncertainty for viewers to challenge with their own meanings.

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