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Dana C. Tupa

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Life is a process and an affirmation. As artists, we respond by recording experience in a manner that attempts to define. Experience is our filter, objects our proof. From significant life changing events to forgotten anecdotes, we collect and record.
For me, simulated objects suspended in antebellum quilt patterns serve to record events; a practice mirroring textile record keeping prevalent in southern culture. Having learned a love of antebellum patterns from my grandmother, my artwork evolved to depict experiences as ceramic art quilts where pattern and symbolism hold equal value. I process experience as memories, fears, desires, play, and rivalry. Significance is placed on paying homage to textile patterns while adapting materials of construction as simulated clay objects and wire. Creating a dialogue between maker and viewer is important. Some dialogue comes immediately, others from simmering thoughts. Resulting artwork evokes recollections, reminding viewers of their own lives.

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