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Damian Stamer
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

I paint places that would rather be left alone.

Dark woods and cracked fields still lead the way to forgotten barns and abandoned houses as they did decades ago. Trespass inside these crooked ruins, fossils of the Southern landscape, was our ultimate goal. As inseparable twin brothers, we rummaged through rooms pregnant with secrets, searching for treasures on an adrenaline high. The eerie tranquility of thick country air cut by transgressions past. Standing in these seemingly empty places, you never know if someone had been here twenty years, or twenty minutes ago.

I paint like I remember. Nothing stays too long before being taken away. Laws of our natural world bend and buckle beneath the pressure of time. These places are, like us, soaked with impermanence. We cannot escape a similar fate. But I find solace in slowing down to appreciate the solemn beauty of the old and overlooked.

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