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Damian Stamer
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

I paint places that would rather be left alone.

Dark woods and dry fields beckon for me now as they did on childhood expeditions with my twin brother. Our adrenaline-tinged memories tell of creaking barns and abandoned houses—disheveled rooms pregnant with secrets. Muffled stories ghost up from debris, suspended briefly by narrow beams of sunlight before drifting down through the stale and heavy air. Standing in these seemingly empty places, you wonder if someone had been here twenty years, or twenty minutes ago.

The tension between forbiddance and exploration endures in my studio; perhaps a blank panel would also rather be left alone. Its pure white field resists me until my need for discovery compels layers of marks and improbable manipulations of paint. Textures of home build with every stroke and subsequent erasure.

I was born from these forgotten places, and it is my duty to share their stories on white walls in cities far away.

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