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Daesup Song

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

There is always the existence of two things; failure and success. Not only in making things but also in the society we live in. We have the tendency to distinguish between people, things we have, create and build from reality as well as the internet world. Different emotion run through our brain every day; good, bad, positive and negative, failure and success, marginalization and acknowledgement. I believe that these kinds of binary sentiments simultaneously coexist in terms of our lives, making art and music. I am interested in romanticized and deformalized sentiments derived from the mundane objects to create ambiguity. I want to capture the feeling in everyday life and the objects within it. The world seems innovative and smart in these days. You can easily and quickly get access to culture suing the internet to be ‘cool’ like a someone or something you desire to be by creating it, ironically however, there seems to be no uniqueness which can be seen homogenized.


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