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Cynthia Cole
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Who Do You Think You Are? is an interactive photo-based installation piece utilizing photography, mirrors, and sound inviting viewers to reflect on their notions of community and oneness by asking them to literally and metaphorically see themselves in others or to stand in another's shoes. The piece consists of sets of three mirrors that form triangles representing the trinity of power, love, and wisdom and are placed randomly throughout the space. Mirrors framed with discarded, disfigured moulding, thick ornate gold-leafed moulding, and moulding covered with images of people. The sound of a beating heart fills the space, the heartbeat is considered the unifying first-sound shared by all. Walls around the room are hung with portraits of people from various groups and ages interspersed with reflective material allowing viewers to also see themselves intermingled with the image of others urging us to “reconsider our position and limited freedom in social systems". (Albu, Cristina, 2016)

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