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Coulter Fussell

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

I make quilts. In doing so, I rely on the no-holds barred nature of contemporary painting rules to free my compositions from the constraints of pattern. In turn, I simultaneously rely on the strict discipline of traditional craftwork to act as a self editing tool in my pieces.

Although unrecognized as so, quilt patterning has always been on the edge of innovative design work. Quilters were the original minimalists. I follow in this tradition while merging painterly qualities and depth to an otherwise flat plane via the use of old clothes and discarded textiles. There is no brushstroke that can achieve the color fade of the worn out elbow from a mechanic’s work shirt.

The greatest innovations happen when constraints are tightest, the box smallest. My intent is to merge the small box of craft with the open sky of painting. To me, there is no better match.,

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