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Coulter Fussell

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

I am a quilter. By using discarded, throw-away textiles left in bags for me at my studio door by fellow townspeople, I make quilts to experiment with the push and pull between craft’s functionality and design while addressing truths of poverty, disparity of luck, the relationship between force and power, notions of false nostalgia, the physical evidence of hard work, and the miracle that is sight and touch. I rely on the no-holds barred nature of contemporary painting rules to free my compositions from the constraints of pattern. In turn, I simultaneously rely on the strict discipline of traditional craftwork to act as a self-editing tool. Although not a purist by any means, I work almost entirely by hand, using not much more than a needle and scissors. I aim to not only cross meaningless boundaries between craft and art but to discover forgotten, discarded truths of our human experience.

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