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Corrine Colarusso

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Corrine Colarusso
Artist Statement 2016

In my work, nature, landscape, the bright symbolic sunrise, the gloaming, weather conditions, paint and color, become a stirred fiction. Less about verisimilitude, yet true to the experience of looking and being there, I make images that merge the materiality of paint with illusion and abstraction. There is a metaphorical, fugitive quality to my work, that depicts not a comfortable nature, but a shifting one that acknowledges we live in a time when technology seems increasingly natural to us and nature itself less so. And because of this, landscape, nature, plant life, however beautiful and seemingly familiar, provides a speculative reality. We are connected and distanced to the patterns and signals found within the language of rocks, reeds, and vistas that glow. My paintings depict this duality that courses through even the most benign landscapes, as speculations on what is observed.

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