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Copper Tritscheller

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

When I sculpt I am playing with emotions, manipulating a feeling through a simple push or pull. I love how the materials feel in my hands as each small change gives shape to a new expression. My work is a collaboration between myself, the materials I use, my mistakes, my limitations, and of course gravity. I am bringing three-dimensional form to what my subconscious struggles to find words for. It is through this meandering that the piece takes shape.
I have such profound respect for animals and their contributions to our life, both past and present. I like to approach them from all angles, sculpting them both as animals, as well as anthropomorphically. When I push the barrier between animal and human, I try to focus on what makes us similar and to celebrate, rather than stigmatize, our differences. Giving these animals human characteristics allows me to further identify with my subject, as well as bring a new perspective to the audience.

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