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Clarence Boucher
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Nietzsche said "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." I have decided that the universe is committed to making me as strong as possible.
I drowned, but recovered; as a young man I was smitten with "terminal cancer," which didn't terminate me; a broken neck from a car wreck left bone chips in my spinal cord, but didn't leave me paralyzed. A martial arts training injury left me blinded in my left eye. A rare sympathetic increase in pressure in the right eye started it going blind, as well. Then the universe gifted me with diabetes which also puts my eyes at risk.
So, by now, I'm very strong.
I'm focusing on producing the best art I can in a variety of media. For now, the progress of the blindness has slowed, and I'm gradually beating back some of the effects of the diabetes.
And boy am I feeling strong!

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