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Ciro Quintana

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

For the last five years I have been working in the series,(Chronicles of a Cuban Artist), with this series I try to guide the viewer behind the stage, showing the swings of the contemporary Cuban art as a diasporic entity. For this, I uses the most dissimilar symbols: Greco-Latin mythology, Renaissance painting, Flemish Baroque, Pop art, American comics, and well-rooted icons in Cuban culture such as caiman, Flamingos, wolf, snake, deer, and the image of the Republic, summarized in the Phrygian cap, among many others. My paintings in this period emphasize the effect of theatricality representation, artifice, parody, and unreality,
understandable ,above all as hypnosis by images, reality, in this cases is an unreachable fiction, forever controlled by images ;art, a pretext for the spectacular(re)production of effects, of images ,of signs.

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