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Cianne Fragione

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

A powerful combinative instinct, nearly pervasive throughout Cianne Fragione’s work, achieves sustained realization in Heaven and earth are dressed in their summer wear. This ongoing series blends collage and painting, always sensitive to the interior life of each as a medium. The canvases are based on the clothesline as a template, and when they are hung side by side, they become a single, unified environment of landscape, motif, atmosphere, mood: together, dresses and paint reveal their clarity of conception, expressed in a harmonious, if intricate, flow of colors, shapes, patterns, spatial elements, and visual rhythms. Thus the motif yields a sturdy, highly flexible structure that can bear a multitude of ideas and themes. It captures the “spirit” of the clothesline as poetic space, and as a significant cultural site at once rural, suburban, and urban, past and present - the artist’s experience of actual places shared through the work itself.

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