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Cianne Fragione

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My art is process-oriented, and I am always seeking surprising, unexpected, and often poetic ways of combining found and fine art materials. In combinations of oil paint, drawing materials, collage, and assemblage — incorporating a wide range of objects from many sources — I strive to uncover and reveal the intimate interactions that can occur between our individual and cultural identities. I like using the kinds of objects we keep close to ourselves in our daily lives, while at the same time, the material handling, mark-making, and visual effects are influenced by an ingrained sensitivity to physical movement that draws on my early professional career in dance. As a dancer, I learned to extend outward from my “center” into the area around me, an invisible, inferred extension of my body based on the stage as a creative working space. The sheet of paper now is the stage, the space in which the “movement” of making or construction brings forth impressions of remembered experiences.

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