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Cianne Fragione

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Pocket Full of Promises is an assemblage series that uses pocketbooks as a basic form, and it reflects my long commitment to the medium. Pocketbooks bear the implements of everyday life, and indeed they are “books” whose chapters take form as I add other objects to them. This process uses both art and non-art materials to develop tremendous density of evocation, connection, and poetic interaction, as well as sculptural presence. The visual richness of the repurposed purses — their combination of revelation and secrecy, and the narrative generated by the accretion of objects and drawings — arouses curiosity and it promotes contact with the complex representation of identity suggested by the material variety, the intriguing objects gathered within them. The pocketbook sculptures invoke the poetry of the everyday, and reveal the deep textures and half-hidden meanings of lives that are never as ordinary as they initially appear.

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