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Christopher Nitsche

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I build installations and sculptures that evoke the visual and metaphorical attributes of ships. It is an iconic subject, engaging the human psyche through symbolism, irony, obsession, and the incomprehensible. The full-scale ship installations engage the exhibition space physically and the viewer psychologically, piercing gallery walls or as stand-alone works. I build installations primarily from found lumber and urban detritus that has extant histories of purpose, as part of a building, furniture, or fence line. I find richness in the material, especially when I structure it in the convoluted manner I prefer. My installations range from structures one can enter, to recent works with hull-side cutaways allowing visual access to enigmatic interior spaces. I compose the observed spaces with found objects and small cast ships, configured in cryptic allegories of memories and struggles. To enhance the perceptual experience, I incorporate neon, argon, and LED lighting in the work.

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