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Christopher Musina
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Obsessed with terror management theory, deep ecology, and post-humanities and the like, I feel a tinge of excited disgust experiencing garbage in otherwise pristine wilderness. I love looking at animals, or more specifically representations of animals. Born in Canada to European immigrants, growing up in Florida, and residing in North Carolina, I explore said animal representation as a multigenerational immigrant in the South - it exists somewhere between European painting, Southern Gothic and the culture of animals. Focusing on the intersection of darkness, beauty, weirdness and humor, I am prodding at the comfortable boundaries between nature and culture, the wild and the domestic, the humorous and the horrific, the acceptable and the absurd. As animal protagonists stare back at the viewer in an uneasy gaze, my work points to where all of this teeters, where human and animal are obscured, and the nature/culture binary is washed away in oil paint, ink or recycled hunting decoys.

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