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Christopher Musina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

I’m tired of the anthropocene.
My work has moved to an interest in the tropics, and how, in this environment, we encounter the animal and the animal within. While straightforward at first glance, these works convey an undercurrent of ill-ease suggesting the deep ambivalence present in the conundrum of human consciousness. The blown-out flip flop is not merely an existential crisis for the self but for humanity as a whole. I imbue these dark ruminations with humor as a means to not only cope with the odd reality of human existence, but also to address the absurdity of ever fully comprehending the human-animal relationship. The visual language of these life scale representational oil on panel works calls on art history, nature illustration, kitsch, and religious works. They represent both the fall and redemption - the vacation is over, welcome to paradise.
I listed Florida as my state, it is where I was raised and figures heavily in my work, I am currently in Virginia.

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