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Christopher Musina
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

We seek reminders that we are not animal, we are above animal, we are better than animal - If we recognize the animal self we must then recognize that we too will die. I represent not animals but how we look at animals and our unease relating to animals and the animal within. I’m interested in painting’s ability to represent, and history of representing, these things.

Flemish still life, nature illustration, pet portraits, hunting kitsch - I mine these sources with both admiration and critique. Using their language to interrogate our relationship to animals, nature and our own animality in the contemporary era. I am excited by the places where human is seen in nature — the cigarette butt on the beach, the beer can in the woods, the island of plastic in the Pacific — and the animals that can make that work.

This is a new ecology, and it’s what I paint.

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