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Christopher Chambers

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

For the past nine years, my day-job has consisted of commuting to upper-middle class southern American suburban homes and small businesses to remodel interiors and exteriors. I remove old wallpaper, paint, tile, finishes, light fixtures, furniture, moulding and anything else considered out-dated. After removal, I replace these with new paint, designs, tile, finishes, fixtures, furniture, and woodworks that people consider more fashionable, current and attractive.
I retain as much salvageable material as is possible. I do this out of a personal fascination for what was once considered “new”, “fashionable” and “attractive” and is now considered old, ugly, and disposable. I apply this material in collage, drawing, mixed-media and installation work that addresses these ubiquitous materials’ place in both our personal and our cultural narratives and memories.

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