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Christine Tedesco
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

“Fabric is and always has been a basic necessity of human life . . . we are wrapped in it at birth, covered in it in life and shrouded in it in death.”
- Robert Shaw

grid: 1. A framework of parallel or crisscrossed bars. 2. A pattern of horizontal and vertical lines forming squares on a map, used as a reference for locating points.

- American Heritage Dictionary

I am a woman who was brought up in the south learning the domestic arts of cooking and sewing. I grew to love the creativity in doing these things: the making of soups and casseroles, pants and shirts, jumpers and handbags. Later, the study of architecture furthered my visual awareness for things in the built environment. The act of making or creating anything, whether it is a simple tile pattern, drafting a complex technical drawing, or making a quilt or garment has always been an artistic endeavor for me.


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