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Christine Bush Roman
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

These works combine transfer techniques with painting, drawing, and collage to give glimpses into the intricate and contradictory nature of modern life. The work explores postpartum depression, mental illness, and a life out of balance, while examining the web of issues that lead to detachments from one another and the natural world.

Managing mental illness and autism in her family led Roman to question the way we live. Watching the overdevelopment of her childhood town in Georgia, and then watching it again in Charleston, Roman began to make the connections between mental problems and the way we design our lives. In areas of rapid, financial-driven growth, homogenous suburban developments foster isolation instead of community, exacerbating feelings of dissociation. Roman’s work focuses on negative impacts on the individual, and suggests a longing to escape the great myth that the world was created explicitly for humans.

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