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Christina West

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

I make figurative sculptures that depict vulnerable, disillusioned characters akin to the characters of Southern Gothic fiction. Their emotions and gestures are isolated and exaggerated, infusing the familiar with a hint of the strange, allowing us to consider the ordinary psyche anew. Additionally, liberties taken with scale and color psychologically charge the stage-like spaces that these figures inhabit, creating immersive experiences that engage empathy and heighten awareness of our own perspectives and emotions. My most recent installation, STAGE LEFT, integrates figurative sculptures into a space that is suggestive of a house, alluding to the idea of the home as stage set. The home is a particularly compelling context as a gendered space that sets up complex relationship dynamics. Throughout the installation, strategically placed mirrors not only complicate the sense of space, but also capture the viewer's own image, continually looping contemplation back to self-reflection.

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