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Christina Weaver

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

I use fabric and other decorative materials as compositional vehicles for my paintings. Though faithful representation has always been essential to my studio practice, I have been developing those moments in my work where familiar items transform into something else entirely. Lighting, ambiguous spaces, and imposed gravities confuse the identity of my subjects and blur the boundary between the ethereal and the physical. Discarded wrappings call to mind rolling terrain and tumultuous weather as they change into mountain ranges, flowing rivers, and storm clouds. At the same time, fabric folds resemble something as intimate and close as the interior tangles of the body, evoking viscera. I ask my audience to acknowledge and reconsider objects that are seen as merely ornamental, aiming to at once elevate the frivolous into the realm of the monumental and bring the viewer back to the self through allusions to flesh.

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