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Christina Pettersson

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Christina Petttersson wants you under her spell. A Wonderland pulses from her enchanted hand, and as you stand dwarfed before her towering pieces you are overrun by the contradictions of her natural world, the clash of sensual fantasy with corporeal decay. Stone lions weep black blood. Murderous kudzu climbs heavenward. Neglected columns stand as the grand ghosts of an incinerated mansion. As you’re drawn ever deeper into the tangled symphony of her deft pencil strokes, you are drenched in Gothic whimsy and beguiled by the gentle monster of an imagination overgrown with carnival and myth. She is bewitched by the songs of forgotten ghosts, by the incomprehensible decadence of her beloved South. How could you resist her mayhem?”
Through drawing, installation and sculpture surrounding her new body of work from "The Castle Dismal" exhibition, Pettersson explains “all this is a way of re-addressing the Deep South, a place I genuinely love and feel connected to, yet utterly mourn for.

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