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Chris Revelle

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Ralph Nader’s father once asked him, “Ralph, what did you learn in school today? Did you learn how to believe or did you learn how to think?” This question asked to a young Nader is the basic principle of Chris Revelle’s creative practice. Through a diverse body of work, Revelle focuses on social issues of markets and economy, war and democracy, and human and civil rights. His work examines history, visual culture, and language, to challenge public memory and inspire discourse and reflection.

His current work, Look Away, builds a narrative from our current moment with the symbols and monuments of the Confederacy and their public role. The work utilizes the same entertainment of the Stone Mountain Memorial Park, the laser show, to recount our brutal history and its manipulation. Look Away ends with a critique of how belief can become religion, and its affect on our understanding, not only of the country, but also of our identity.

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