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Chris Clamp
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Commonplace objects have always been important to me. My grandfather collected a variety of discarded objects from junk yards and road sides, and as a child I found these objects to be treasure. I would use these items in my own playful fantasies, and I found that each object had its own personality.

My grandfather was a great storyteller, and he would often speak in parables. There was always something to learn from listening to him that was not obvious at first. Unfortunately, I did not comprehend many of his lessons until he passed, but I learned a great deal about metaphor and subtlety. I have used many objects from the archives of his barn in my paintings to create a narrative for my audience.

In my recent body of paintings, I have decided to focus on single-object paintings in which the object would represent a person in my life. The painting in turn, becomes a portrait of someone based on the object with which they had an intimate relationship.

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