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Cheryl Goldsleger

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

William Blake saw the world as a macrocosm and man as a microcosm. My work reflects a similar sensibility. Focusing on the dichotomies and ambiguities that envelop us, I combine fluid linear networks with geometric diagrams to reflect both the expansive and the irreconcilably rigid forces in our society. As metaphors for the structure imposed on society and nature, these elements are meant to exploit the sense of underlying chaos amidst this structure. In 2014, I completed a course in the use of geographic information systems (GIS) software, learning to create a contemporary map with a compelling narrative. I create my own “maps” and contrast fluid topography against the systems that encircle us from satellites for surveillance to the boundaries and barriers that confine us on the ground. I work in layers accruing marks that must then be removed attempting to reveal our contemporary psychological landscape.

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