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Charles Steiner

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Since January 2015, I have been making a 4x8 foot ceramic mosaic mural embedded on the exterior wall of my garage, permanently located on the south side of my backyard on a bricked street in an historic district in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. The mosaic’s colors, composition, and forms echo the gardenscape on the remaining sides of my southern back yard. The mural can’t travel anywhere; it will never be shown in a gallery or museum. I made, fired, and glazed all the necessary ceramic tile in a local Arkansas ceramic studio. I bought my ceramic-related supplies from local southern vendors. I employed local Arkansas handymen to drill the cement board support into the garage studs. I have been a working painter for 30 years without a particular geographical identity; the mural project has married me to the south, enlightening and expanding my milieu. Now, I am a “southern artist.”

Charles K. Steiner Expressionist Paintings:

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