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Charles Pinckney

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Pinckney is known for his detailed fabrication in metal of small sculpture, most of which can be worn as jewelry. He is primarily self-taught as an Artist, beginning around the age of nine when he made tools that enabled him to carve wood and bone. He has been designing and fabricating compositions in titanium, sterling, gold, copper, bronze and steel for the past forty years.

Common features of his work include moving parts, articulated joins, the combination of precious and semi-precious metals and found objects and the use of designs with a gestural quality rather than being highly symmetrical.

Born in South Carolina in the early 50's, he draws on memories that explore the long heritage of his Southern roots. Leaving home to study at Clemson, he decided that he needed to work with his hands making things instead of sitting behind a desk.

Pinckney participates in the EMMA International Collaboration of Artists in Canada.

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