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Charles Norman Pinckney

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Charles Pinckney knows how to tell a story through his work. A gifted jeweler, he draws on memories and events from his childhood of the 50's in segregated South Carolina, one of six children in a home that seemed unmistakably safe and secure, with grand role-models personified in the adult family members and neighbors of his youth. He was the child whose pockets were filled with artifacts that would be used to make something else, the one who dismantled every electronic or mechanical item that crossed his path in an effort to determine how it worked. He taught himself to carve wood and bone, making the tools that he needed from found objects.

Pinckney left home to study engineering and psychology at Clemson, but finally realized that he was most happy making things rather than sitting behind a desk. He has been designing and fabricating wearable and sculptural compositions in titanium, sterling, gold, copper, bronze, steel, wood and bone for the past fifty years.

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