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Charles Lovell

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

After working in large format silver and color photography for 20 years, in 2007 during an artist-residence program at the Emily Harvey Foundation, in Venice, Italy, I began exploring digital photography. Upon return, I learned digital printing and exhibited my Venice work at a solo exhibition at the Taos Center For the Arts, New Mexico. After moving to New Orleans during the summer of 2008, I immediately began photographing in digital format using a larger format camera. I have since taken over seven thousand photographs of second line parades, social aid and pleasure clubs, cemeteries, and the unique social atmosphere of the Crescent City. My recent work from the back streets of New Orleans, are views that are not seen by the normal person in the urban centers and more tourist oriented settings. While attending second line parades on a regular basis, I have produced a new series of photographs.

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